Your Story Could be Worth $200

Your story

Your Story Could be Worth $200

Churches streaming services is one of the fastest growing areas of Kingdom expansion today. Gone are the days when you have to be a mega church with a full-time staff and $25,000 of equipment. Now you can stream if you’ve got wifi and an iOS or Android device.

As we listen to pastors and church leaders, many or you have asked questions like, If I did stream, what could it look like? How could I do it? Can I afford it? Does it make a difference?” You remember those days, don’t you? We can tell a few of our stories, but we thought it may be better for you to tell yours. We began to ask ourselves, What if there could be a place online where every church in the world could go to and see streaming implementations? They would be able to see:

  • “Cafetorium” implementations with an iPad.
  • Mega church implementations with staff.
  • Multi-site implementations.
  • “Record and upload later” implementations.
  • Movie theater implementations.

We Need Your Help

We’re building out a section on our website called, “Your Story”. It’s going to be a clearing house of churches all over the world sharing how they got started streaming, what they did, and what difference it made. Ready to share your story? Here’s the recipe you’ll need:

  • Write a 500-600 word post on your story [use the post outline below]
  • Add a YouTube or Vimeo video of how you produce your service
  • Add Facebook and Twitter accounts, if necessary.
  • Upload a few pictures of your service
  • We’ll review the story and if approved, post it on our website
  • We will promote the story on our social media channels and reference yours.

Why You Should Share Your Story

  1. Sharing your story helps others begin to tell their story. You’re helping inspire others. You’re empowering others towards rapid Kingdom expansion.
  2. We will pay you $100 or if you’re a current MF customer, we’ll give you 2 months of Media Fusion Broadcast for a story with pictures. If you add in a YouTube or Vimeo video, we’ll offer $200 or 4 months of Media Fusion Broadcast.

Your Post Outlinetypewriter

  1. Tell us about your church. Size, neighborhood (rural, urban) and setting (portable, movie theater, established building)
  2. What made you decide to stream
  3. What were the obstacles you faced and how did you overcome them
  4. What difference did it make in your church
  5. What advice would you give to those considering streaming

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