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Live Streaming

Stream your weekly services live to members and viewers across the world.  With servers deployed across the world, and nearly 100% uptime, you can rest easy knowing that whoever needs to hear your message, will.


Whether you want to re-deliver your weekly services or engage your members throughout the week with other content, On-Demand delivery enables you to reach those members on their schedule.


We deliver your message wherever it needs to go.  We support set-top boxes, social streaming, such as Facebook Live and YouTube Live, mobile apps like Subsplash.  Bottom line, if you need to be there, we can get you there!

200 million

By 2019, over 200 million households will consume video content through an internet-connected television. And that’s just in the U.S.

18.9 hours

Americans will spend an estimated 18.9 hours per week streaming video content in the year 2020. That’s an increase of 425% from 2014.

Live Streaming

MediaFusion’s platform gives you the tools you need to stream video and audio, store media for playback, and distribute video and audio content through your website, on mobile devices, and on set-top streaming devices.

Our services are proven, reliable, and tailor-made to suit your needs. Our network has 99.9% uptime using the same technology as ESPN, Netflix, and Apple.

You need a streaming service you can trust. We can help.

Managed Production Services

Want to live stream but don’t want to add an additional burden to your staff — or add an additional employee? MediaFusion will be your technical partner and handle all aspects of setting up and managing your live streaming event(s).

This removes the need for you to dedicate an additional staff person to configure, and control your streaming hardware. MediaFusion will use the experience that it has gained over years of providing professional services to events that stream to tens of thousands of viewers to optimize the stream for your needs. Let us leverage that experience for your benefit.