Key Platform Features

Live, Sim-Live & Video On Demand

Powerful content organization

Simple video trimming

Data analytics

Interactive With Chat & Note Taking

Document and media storage

Audio and video podcasting

Smart archive management

Mobile responsive player

Social Streaming

Set-top-box integrations

Robust event scheduler

Live Events, Sim-Live, and Video On Demand

Live stream your event then play it later as sim-live or video on demand. Your video, how you want it played.

Integrations: Simplifying Your Workflow

Manage all of your content in one place. We integrate with any and all media platforms, including Facebook Live and YouTube.

Hawaii: A Video Player as Beautiful as Its Name

The interface on our latest media player, Hawaii, is clean, interactive and easy-to-use. Think: the best of Hulu and Netflix, in one player.

OTT: Over-the-Top Apps Included

We can distribute your content to Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV and Roku, putting you in front of your audience at all times.

Schedule Your Broadcasts with a Drag and a Drop

Keep your audience engaged with our event scheduler that allows you to schedule any event (live or sim-live) with a simple drag-and-drop.

Storage Included

Never run out of storage again. We store all of your content for you in one place.

We Partner and integrate with names you know.