Introducing Smart Record

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Introducing Smart Record

What could you do with an extra half hour every Sunday? Perhaps you could extend lunch with your family, catch the football game with some friends, or even hit the golf course. With Smart Record, you can finally choose one of these instead of staying late after services to organize your on-demand video library.

Smart Record begins recording your livestream when you schedule the stream to start, and stops recording when you schedule the stream to end. This means that it automatically trims anything that is tested before and after the scheduled service times. The system will then automatically name and categorize the video into the designated series. There’s no need for manual downloading or re-uploading–let us do that. Within twenty minutes of the end of your live stream, your video will be available in your website’s on-demand library.


How to Use Smart Record

Smart Record is designed to simplify the streaming process and is itself very user-friendly. Enabling Smart Record is just a toggle switch away.


Smart Record records individual events. To make sure that each service is properly recorded, create separate events for each service. Smart Record is based on your stream schedule and can not automatically start just when your pastor begins the sermon. This means that for multiple services streamed as a single event, everything between each sermon will also be stored on your webiste, including potentially copyrighted music.

Also be sure to check your live stream hardware and internet connection prior to using Smart Record. If your system goes down for more than a few seconds, Smart Record will treat the clips before and after the drop as separate events. This will result in two videos being named and categorized in your on-demand library.

Smart Record is a proprietary process and technology. It is just one part of our effort to innovate ways to spread your content everywhere. To start using Smart Record, call (877) 878-4007 or send an email to so we can show you exactly how Smart Record works. We will ensure the best experience for you and your church.