Top 3 Reasons to Live Stream

Top 3 Reasons to Live Stream

In 2014, 62% of churches had no Internet service/campus.
Why? Too cumbersome, too expensive, takes away from community.
We debunk those myths in these TOP 3 reasons to live stream your church.

(And can we just mention that we’re pathetically proud of our alliteration skills?)

1. Evangelism

Outreach locally – Today with over 97% of adults 18-27 years old online and 93% of adults 30-49 years old online, where do you think they go first to check out church? Yep. Your website. Your ‘digital doors’ draw your local community to your ‘physical doors.’

Outreach globally – In the New Testament it was the Roman’s Road, in the 1500’s it was the Gutenberg Press, but today the Internet makes the Great Commission more of a reality than ever before.

  • Have any church members that travel a lot? Keep them connected, and give them something to share with their co-workers.
  • Reach the deployed solider overseas who wants to feel a part of his church family.
  • SOCIAL SHARE it. Your congregation can Facebook or Tweet your church’s live stream straight from your website to all of their friends online.

2. Easy

With Media Fusion, you can stream with an iPad. An iPad! Really! With Internet connection, a recording devices (IOS, Android, camera), and a Media Fusion account, you can live stream.

You don’t need to know how to work fancy, techy equipment anymore.

See how easy it is for yourself. Try us out for a FREE 30-day trial.

3. Economical

For the amount of people live streaming reaches, it’s one of the most budget-friendly resources available for churches.
For as little as $60 a month, your church can stream.
With $60 your church gets:

  • A full featured multi-media platform to organize and display all of your recorded content on your church website.
  • Access to the best content distribution network in the world, Akamai
  • 25 FREE Gigabytes
  • Additional bandwidth @ only $.09/GB.

So don’t let fears or myths stand in the way. Broaden your ministry by broadcasting your ministry. Why not just try us out for free today? What’s the harm? It requires no contracts.

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