Let’s get started: Five Steps to Set up your MediaFusion account

Getting started

Let’s get started: Five Steps to Set up your MediaFusion account

It’s easy to join MediaFusion and try it out. In fact, a free 30-day trial is available for anyone who wants to experience our streaming services. No commitment required!

But after you sign up, what’s next? How do you get started?

We’ve created five short videos to walk you through the basics of MediaFusion, step by step. Start here and you’ll see how simple it is to begin streaming. You’ll be well on your way to spreading the message of the Gospel.

The MediaFusion Dashboard

First up is the MediaFusion dashboard. This is where you can control every aspect of your MediaFusion account. Start up a live stream, add a donation link, connect your social media accounts, and more.

Setting up the Player

Before you show your stream to anyone, you’ll need to set up your player. This video will show you how to add your logo, customize colors and configure publishing options, then finally add channels to your stream.

Live Broadcasting

Now that you’ve finished customizing your player, you’re ready to start streaming.  Here’s how to schedule a live streaming event. You can do a one-time broadcast or schedule a recurring one. You can even attach media resources to each event.

Simulated Live Broadcasting

If you want to broadcast a pre-recorded video at a set time, use the Simulated Live option. This is a great way to build community around the media your organization is already creating and it’s even easier than live streaming.

Linking to the Player

Now that you’ve started broadcasting, whether it’s through a live broadcast or a Simulated Live event, you’ll want to make sure the player is a seamless part of your organization’s web experience. We’ll walk you through all the options for linking to the player and even embedding it directly on your site.

Help is Always Available

We hope these videos help you get off to a great start as you use MediaFusion. Hit a bump on the streaming road? Our support team is ready to help. Here’s our contact information:

Phone: (877) 878-4007

Email: support@mediafusionapp.zendesk.com

You can also click the black support tab on the side of the screen in the Media Fusion app to get in touch.