You Could Be Streaming By Sunday

You Could Be Streaming By Sunday

You could be streaming your church service this Sunday.

We’re not kidding.

It’s never been easier to get your church streaming with MediaFusion. Today we’re announcing a complete end-to-end streaming solution for your church, group or ministry. We’ve forged a strategic partnership with The Padcaster, maker of the most popular iPad utility frame and featured in Apple’s “What Will Your Verse Be” ads. Padcaster allows you to connect lights, lenses, mics and more to the iPad to record and stream. The Padcaster, an iOS app, Internet (wifi or 3G/LTE) and MediaFusion are all you need to begin streaming your church services or events for the lowest price and highest quality. And now we’ve got it all bundled in one beautiful package.

3024790-poster-p-1-apple-ipad-air-your-verse-anthemJosh Apter, CEO of Padcaster, echos the excitement of the MediaFusion and Padcaster partnership:

“What an amazing opportunity to team with MediaFusion! The Padcaster’s mission is to enable and support iPad users and creative voices everywhere. And with MediaFusion’s state of the art streaming platform we hope to bring the most comprehensive and easy to use method to help bring those voices to more people.”

What’s the Deal

This month we’re offering an exclusive offer to kick off our new partnership with the Padcaster. Sign up for twelve months of MediaFusion Broadcast service and receive a free Padcaster bundle. The best streaming software platform is now partners with the best hardware accessory for the iPad to record and stream. Call us and we’ll hook you up with just the right package and fit for your iPad.

Don’t Take Our Word For It

The Hartford Institute released a study outlining the growth of technology, tools and streaming being massive areas of growth as well as opportunity. One of the most strategic places churches are growing is in the online streaming space.

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Your Opportunity Awaits

If you can think of the possibilities, we can make it happen. Contact us today to get setup with MediaFusion and receive your free Padcaster. Who knows? You could be streaming your first service this weekend.