Where Video Streaming Will Take Us in 2017: Our Predictions

Video Streaming Predictions

Where Video Streaming Will Take Us in 2017: Our Predictions

When you’re in the streaming business, you are constantly looking toward the future. Where will technology be next month? Next year? In the next decade?

So we thought it would be fun to close out 2016 by making some predictions for where we think video streaming might take us in 2017.

Here’s what some of our team members had to say:


“I think more and more social services and sites will get into the ‘live’ streaming game in 2017. The key for organizations served by MediaFusion will be to maintain a presence on those sites where they have a relationship base, while retaining ownership of the content.

That means that they should use Facebook Live, Instagram Live, etc., but those should not be the sole source of their live streaming efforts. These are great platforms for in-the-moment, spur-of-the-moment, behind-the-scenes type of content, but not great for making it the core of their online video streaming platform.

A charge for MediaFusion and similar companies in 2017 is to help our clients accomplish the above. The easier we can help them leverage the channels they have and reduce or simplify their workload the better.” – Evan Maxon, Marketing


“Advertisers will change their strategies and turn to making interesting video. Viewers will be able to choose the level of ads vs. how much they pay to watch.” – Tim Matus, Business Development

“Smart advertisers will make ads that highlight the power and value of their product or service in a manner that feels less advertisement and more like a story or documentary. Like this ad that went viral earlier this year: ‘The DNA Journey.’” – Evan Maxon, Marketing

OTT (Set-Top Boxes)

“I think the number of channels available for viewers, which is already high, will explode next year. Producers of all kinds will rise up making interesting channels for everyone. Mainstream television will lose out. Internet providers and mobile data providers will profit heavily. (I advise you grab the remote first, or plan on watching on your own device.)” – Tim Matus, Business Development

“Original content is becoming more and more critical. Netflix, HBO GO/Now, and Amazon realize this and are making a huge push.

And, with the increasing ease (via turnkey services), the technological barriers of creating your own channel are being removed. For example, services like MediaFusion are streamlining the technical needs of broadcasting live and pre-recorded content affordably. This puts the power in the hands of the content producers and marketers.” – Evan Maxon, Marketing

Recurring Revenue

“Videographers and integrators have been slowly transitioning to the as-a-service model for a while, but I think in 2017 we’ll see a major shift. The use of subscription-based services is on the rise. They’re projected to reach $8.9 trillion in sales by 2020.

The subscription-based service model makes sense, both for the consumer and the business. For consumers, their purchase is low-risk. They don’t have to pay a big chunk of cash up front, and they are free to cancel their service at any time. For businesses, they get to tap into the invaluable resource that is recurring revenue. And I think recurring revenue is where the future is for all videographers and integrators.” – Missy Ivankovich, President

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