Product Review: EasyWorship

Easy Worship product review

Product Review: EasyWorship

Church presentation software is important for any church. It sets the tone for the worship service. It connects congregants to the words in a song or to the words in scripture. If something goes wrong with it, everybody notices, and that can be a disruption to the flow of the service.

This is why it’s important to choose your church presentation software carefully. You may think all you need is PowerPoint, but PowerPoint has its limits and as your church grows, you’ll probably need something with more functionality.

We got to talk to our friends Gabe (Director of Marketing and Business Development) and Rodger (Customer Service Lead) over at EasyWorship recently.

EasyWorship is church presentation software that allows you to build your entire presentation—song lyrics, scripture, video and background images—in one place.

There are a lot of things we like about EasyWorship, but here are some of the highlights from Gabe and Rodger that we think you should know about:

Ease of Use

We know that as a church, the person running your presentation each Sunday is probably a volunteer, not an MIT grad. That’s why it’s critical for presentation software to be easy to use.

“If you want to create a new presentation every week, there’s going to be copy and pasting or some sort of retyping that information from week to week,” says Gabe. “EasyWorship fixes that problem in that it stores all of your church media in one place within the software.”

We love that. This means less clicking around and less room for errors during the service. Gabe adds that you can store all of your scripture references and songs within the database, so that all you have to do each week is click and drag.

“The ease of use is a big deal,” he says. “The whole point of EasyWorship is ultimately to save the church time and to create a beautiful worship experience.”

Pro Tools

The latest version of EasyWorship, EasyWorship 6, offers more pro tools that will help take your worship presentation to the next level. It includes a brand new interface and better video integration. As Rodger explains, “With some video mixers, like the TriCaster video mixer, [we] worked with them to get a network-type connection, so if you’re on a network, you can actually send the video feed to the TriCaster video mixer.”


EasyWorship software can be tailored to any event, not just worship services. Their broad offering of themes, or templates, make their software a one-stop shop for all presentation needs.

“Making EasyWorship flexible enough to use in any environment is the best thing for us to do,” says Rodger. “If you want to do it, we make it possible.”


EasyWorship’s pricing is competitive. “We want you to have great technology even if you’re on a tight budget.” says Gabe. “Where you look really good without spending a ton of money.”

They also offer a 90-day, money-back guarantee.

“We do that for two reasons,” says Gabe. “One, is we’re very confident in the product. Two, is that we want people to feel very safe when they purchase it, so they’re not scared of being stuck.”

“The heart of EasyWorship is to serve,” continues Gabe. “This company has never been about the quick buck.”

To learn more about EasyWorship, visit their website at

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