Password Protection and Other Exciting Updates to the Admin Portal

Password protection of your content

Password Protection and Other Exciting Updates to the Admin Portal

Today we’re rolling out some exciting enhancements and new features on our admin portal. Current customers, log in to take a look.

Content Protection

The biggest update we’ve made is in content protection. You can now create custom passwords for all of your content.

What’s the benefit of password-protected content?

If you’re a church, you want to stream your Sunday morning service for everyone and anyone to watch, right? But what about the Monday afternoon memorial service? You want to be able to stream it for certain people who may not be able to attend, but you don’t want just anybody who comes across your live feed to see that particular service.

Or maybe you’re a university and you live stream lectures. Some lectures you want to be available to your global audience, but for others, only certain students in certain classes need to see them.

Enter, password protection.

With our system update, you can make an event password-protected, and you can choose who you share that password with. That way, your content is not automatically fed to your player— viewable by anyone—but is instead available to the right people who really need to see it.

It’s like having an inward-facing player—password-protected content—and an outward-facing player—content available to anyone. Password protection gives you full control over your content, so you control who can see what and when.

In addition to content protection, we’ve made a couple more updates:

Closed Captioning

This has been a need in our community, and we’re excited to be able to offer for it for all web- based, video-on-demand content. For those who cater to a bilingual audience, you also have the option of adding another language.

Analytics Distribution

We send Akamai analytics data the day after each event to the client administrator. Now, you can add email addresses on your profile page, so that others can have immediate, day-after access to that information as well. (Pssst, we have a few other analytics updates coming your way soon, so stay tuned!)

We will continue to make improvements to our system to serve your needs and the needs of your audience.

As always, we’re here to answer any questions you may have. Call as at 877-878-4007 or email us at