Padcaster: A Simple and Inexpensive Way to Stream Your Church

MediaFusion and Padcaster

Padcaster: A Simple and Inexpensive Way to Stream Your Church

Whether your church has an abundance of tech talent and budget or operates on pure grace and volunteers, Padcaster can help you spread the Gospel. It’s simple, inexpensive and gives your church the ability to stream your message anywhere in the world.

Expanding Your Reach

We have been proactively reaching out to churches and pastors all over the country. Our goal is to bring the good news of our affordable and simple­-to-­use streaming technology. The response has been astounding. Padcaster turns your iPad or Android powered tablet into a web­-based broadcasting platform for less than $100 per month.

Leveraging Your Technology

If you already have your iPad or tablet, the Padcaster Bundle has all of the equipment you need to get started. For a one time purchase of $499 you will receive everything you need to create high quality, live streaming broadcasts. The hardware installation takes only about 5 minutes and operation and maintenance is minimal.

Minimizing Expense

Once the equipment is setup, it’s time to start streaming. App installation and operation is intuitive and simple. Our Media Fusion Broadcast Package is an annual subscription of $600. For $50 per month, your church can have unlimited streaming of video. From there, the possibilities are limitless.

Proven Results

Padcaster churches use their technology to revolutionize their mission to reach more people with the good news. Their Sunday morning services are reaching XX more members every week thanks to the ability to live stream to wherever their congregants are. In this busy world, churches are seeing a rise in the number of members hearing the message when it is convenient to them. Beyond that, missional staff who might not otherwise consider themselves to be tech savvy have testified to the ease of use and growing comfort level when using the technology during small groups.

See For Yourself

See how Padcaster with Media Fusion is helping congregations of all sizes reach a global audience. Community Bible Church in San Antonio, Texas is one of many stories.

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