First Baptist Houston Trusts Us. Will You?

First Baptist Houston Trusts Us. Will You?

Greg is a full-time minister at First Baptist Houston Church in Houston, MS.

His role at the church?
He wears a lot of hats.

His biggest, sombrero-sized hat would be his student pastor role.
Greg oversees all children and youth from babies to high school graduates.
But on top of the sombrero, he manages to wear another hat.

The tech hat.
That’s how we got to know Greg.
First Baptist Houston signed up with Media Fusion’s streaming services last September.

Greg said they “jumped on the bandwagon and have been pleased ever since.”
His church of about 200 in a 3,000-people town is serious about outreach and serious about using the latest, most efficient technology to do it –
live streaming.

We caught up with Greg over Skype recently to hear about how their church is benefiting from live streaming. Check out what he had to say:

In Summary?

1. Live streaming is easier than he thought!

  • Sure, live streaming can look daunting from afar, but Greg said working with Jason, one of our support guys, was just what he needed.
  • And “once you understand I just need a camera, an encoder and a good enough upload speed … you’re good to go.”

2. Live streaming encourages their current members and attracts new ones.

  • Greg had story after story that backed up the benefits of streaming.
  • Ninety-year-old shut-ins are watching online and feeling a part of the church they have attended for decades.
  • First-time visitors who were too hesitant to step foot inside the building gladly welcome the chance to check it out online.
  • Church members who were sick during the winter months watched their church family, thermometer in-mouth and tissues in-hand.

“It helps so many people connect to the church at any given time,” Greg said.

We have no doubt that their streaming ministry will continue to grow.
And we are honored they trusted us to be a part of that growth.

Smaller church like Greg’s or larger church like Hillsong? We work with every size. Make us earn your trust! Try out our streaming services for yourself.