Choosing the Right Streaming Equipment

Video setup

Choosing the Right Streaming Equipment

One of the most frequently asked questions we receive is, “What equipment you should I buy to get streaming?” There are literally thousands of options, so making a decision can get complicated. We’ve put together a few different configurations as suggestions, from a very basic kit to a professional grade video production setup. Keep in mind that with any setup, a good internet connection is what will connect you to Media Fusion and the world. We recommend at least a 5mpbs upload speed and hard-wire Ethernet whenever possible. These lists are just suggestions to get you started. You can swap out items or eliminate some based on the equipment you currently have. As always, contact us anytime with questions. We’d love to help.

Choose Your Configuration

Mac Mini with Wirecast

Wirecast plus Mac Mini

If you already have a sound and video setup and you just need to integrate it with MediaFusion, this is your package. Wirecast is great software for streaming and encoding. It’s stable, works well with our platform, and the software license is for life. Pair this with a robust Mac Mini and a monitor and you’ll be ready to go. We’ve configured a MacMini in this package for you with a basic external monitor. However, you can feel free to configure your own Mac and use an existing monitor. Your choice.

Mobile Streaming


iPad plus the Padcaster

For churches, classrooms or groups who just want to get into HD streaming and have good wifi, the Padcaster is a great solution. Just put your existing iPad into the rig, place it in the middle aisle close to the main stage, and broadcast your service without wires or additional equipment. You can add lights or customize the configuration of your Padcaster rig. If you’ve got existing audio from your sound board, you can plug that into the Padcaster and save on an external mic.

Basic Streaming Kit

Everything You Need To Get Started

This package assumes you have an existing computer (preferably a Mac). Lights are optional depending on your environment. We’ve only listed quantities of one for each item so you can decide how many mics, cords, and accessories you’ll need. If your setup is not going to be portable, it’s probably better to go with a Mac Mini and monitor or iMac. If you’re a portable church, go for a MacBook.

Premium Streaming Kit

ARC Worship

Premium Streaming Kit

This is the setup we use when we broadcast. As you look through the list, note we just added quantities of one for cords and mics. You can add as many as you need. We also added just one basic camera. You can use whatever camera you’d prefer as long as it has an HDMI input. We’ve used DSLRs, basic HD cameras, and high-end broadcast cameras. If your setup isn’t going to be portable, it’s probably better to go with a Mac Mini and monitor or iMac. If you’re looking for a portable setup, go for a MacBook. Whatever you decide, you’ll have a complete end-to-end solution.

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