Announcing MediaFusion’s New Event-Scheduling Tool

Event Scheduler

Announcing MediaFusion’s New Event-Scheduling Tool

We’re excited to announce our new event scheduler. With this updated tool, scheduling your live and sim-live events with MediaFusion has never been easier.

Our dev team has created an easy-to-use, drag-and-drop calendar that allows you to schedule your video content by simply clicking an event and dropping it into a time slot.

This tool will allow you to replay older content, promote a recent event and keep your audience constantly engaged. This is what most people expect—programmed content, always available for viewing. Now, you can give that to them.

Other updates to note with the event-scheduling tool include:

  • capability to embed a countdown timer
  • a new search bar that allows you to easily and quickly find the event you’re looking for
  • a calendar with a simple and clean look similar to Google calendars and others you’re used to working with
  • ability to preview or edit an event simply by clicking on it in the calendar

The event scheduler is ready to use today. Log in to your admin to try it out, or watch our latest webinar where we walk you through how to use it: Everything You Need to Know About Our New Event-Scheduling Tool.

If you’re not a MediaFusion customer yet, please call or email us with any questions: